Behind the Scenes


Our mission is to have you looking great and feeling confident by letting you step out of your usual outfit and completely transform your style, assisted by our couture tailoring, the quality of fabrics used, and the meticulous level of detail we add to each garment. 

RYin tweed garments are designed to be worn in any season; they are exquisitely light and our Bemberg lining is luxuriously breathable.

All of our tweed fabrics are carefully curated and sourced by our chief designer from the finest mills in England, and France.

A limited amount of each fabric design is sourced each season, this is how we ensure that no two pieces of RYin in the world are alike. The scarcity of our fabrics, combined with our exclusive craftsmanship, ensures a unique look that will reinvigorate you with a feeling of excitement whenever you slip into one of these works of art. 

Our chief designer spends countless hours perfecting the fit of each and every garment based on the measurements provided. The time and care put into drafting an individual pattern for each new client means that only 100 pieces can be made in a year.


One of our newest creations is our Colyin (RYin collars):

  • Colyins are one of a kind, with nothing else in the world quite like them.  
  • They bring joy and femininity to the mundane and lackluster corporate outfit.
  • Each one exudes style and confidence, without compromising on elegance and sophistication.
  • They can be used as a fun and creative way to bring color, texture, and a new silhouette to any neckline.
  • There are many ways of styling them, and you can pair them with anything in your closet. Be creative! Share with us how you wear yours!