Created with Care in New York.


This is such a beautifully made skirt! The quality is impeccable and I feel absolutely beautiful when I put it on.


I was so impressed by all the nice touches to the mask, I can tell lots of care and thought went into every little detail, from the smooth lining to the elastic ear loop. I really appreciate the adjustable wire across the nose bridge.


The most perfect skirt ever made - excellent fabric and the stitching is unreal...


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My very first pop-up store!

My very first pop-up store!

"Rebecca Yin is the founder of RYin NYC, a New York based fashion label focused on handmade women's skirts. She displays her creations around the N...
London Calling: In Search of Memories of Times Past

London Calling: In Search of Memories of Times Past

I now realize that NYC fabric shops beats London’s both on price and selection. The fabric shop I love going to most is Mood Fabrics on 37th St. in Midtown, Manhattan. Check it out if you’re ever in the area!

New Slit Design

While I was coming up with a name for the fabric of what you now see on the "Rainbow Prism" skirt, I thought about variations that contained "zig z...